Saturday, November 17, 2012

Young Women In Excellence

So like I mentioned in the previous post, I have had the opportunity to serve in the Young Women organization in my church. Last Sunday we had Young Women in Excellence, a yearly celebration of the girls accomplishments. It was a little stressful planning and executing, but it turned out perfect. I feel so blessed to have great councilors and young women who make all of that work worth it.

We decided to have the theme be "There's No Place Like Home" from the Wizard of Oz. We each spoke as one of the characters from the story and connected it to Personal Progress. If you don't know, Personal Progress is a program our church created that helps the young girls learn more about the scriptures and learn how to be virtuous young women. We had talks on knowledge and charity and how to get home. I think the girls really enjoyed it and in all it was a fun night. I am excited for more activities to come. Next is New Beginnings and then Girls Camp!

Derek was nice enough to come translate for me
 The main table

 The girls got slipper shaped cookies and a wand as their gift
The crew :)

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