Thursday, April 28, 2011

My sister

Tonight, my sister moved to Florida. It is a sad day. I lived with my sister for 17 years and I definitely took it for granted. Then she went to college and moved all around and I got used to having her be away. Three years ago Ryan brought her to Utah and I remembered why I loved having her close. She steals my clothes and reads my mind. She tells me when I spend too much or when I talk to loud. She always makes me laugh and pretty much every night get a wittle whiny :) Sarah is my best friend and she is one of the most amazing people I know. She works so hard and always sacrifices for her family. These are just some of the reasons I will miss her. I will also miss our pictures where my eye is closed and her face is shiny :) Ill also miss just sitting on her couch, eating and laughing and talking. Hopefully one day we will be close again... UCF reunion! Love you Sarah! Good luck on all your adventures! Enjoy the warm Florida sun for me!

Mom's Trip

Since Mom came out for graduation, we ended up doing a lot of other things while she was here. We packed Sarah and Ryan, shopped and then shopped some more. Mom and I both could have done more, but Sarah had her fill. Another important part of the trip was FOOD! We love to eat together and laugh together, so we did a lot of that! I dont know why, but pretty much all my pictures from the trip that werent graduation were of food. Pretty funny. I am so glad Mom came though and we had the chance to make more memories! Love you Mom!

Sarah and Mom at Gurus

IKEA yummies!

Cereal in the morning. I know... we look stunning :)

Dont ask. Sarah and I had a weird mustard experience lol

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


To celebrate our graduation, Mom took us to Rodizio. Phil and Vickie came too. Let me tell you, I dont know that I have ever eaten so much food. I literally looked pregnant. I wanted to take a picture of my food baby but Mom said it was gross. She cracks me up. I like Tucanos, but Rodizio is sooo much better! We ended with a deliciously perfect array of desserts. Thanks for the dinner Mom!

And Derek doesnt know how to take a serious picture :0

After dinner we stopped by Target. Derek found these shorts in the clearance rack and asked where Tobias was. Pretty much the funniest thing ever!


I finally did it.... I am a college graduate! I cant believe that chapter is over in my life and I can move on. It feels pretty dang good! My brother-in-law, Ryan, and I walked in the huge ceremony at the Marriott Center. It was crazy how long it took all of us to walk in and get seated. Too many people!

Ryan and I talked and kept each other amused throughout the whole ordeal. It still hasnt hit me that I wont ever have to sit in a classroom again. College was tough for me. I learned early that I would much rather be working, but I stuck it out and I am happy I did.

Derek has been such an amazing support. He really has been the key to me graduating. I dont know how I would have gotten out of bed everyday if he wasnt there to force me ;) He is such a great husband and support system. Thanks honey!

My parents and in-laws have also been an amazing support. All four of them have been so supportive and listened to me complain about my classes. There is no way I could be here without their love, support and prayers!

Best part of my day, COSMO came to greet me as we walked in. Perfect way to end!

Back to Blogging

I have decided to start blogging again. I was so busy this last year that I didnt have a second to breathe, let alone blog. Now that school is over and I have some time, I will start blogging again. Some of it will be old, but i think it will be fun to record all that we do! Dont judge us if it involves a lot of sports and sweets :) Oh and I know that this is a random picture, but I couldnt find one of Derek and I so I chose the next best thing, a giraffe from our zoo trip at Christmas.