Thursday, April 28, 2011

My sister

Tonight, my sister moved to Florida. It is a sad day. I lived with my sister for 17 years and I definitely took it for granted. Then she went to college and moved all around and I got used to having her be away. Three years ago Ryan brought her to Utah and I remembered why I loved having her close. She steals my clothes and reads my mind. She tells me when I spend too much or when I talk to loud. She always makes me laugh and pretty much every night get a wittle whiny :) Sarah is my best friend and she is one of the most amazing people I know. She works so hard and always sacrifices for her family. These are just some of the reasons I will miss her. I will also miss our pictures where my eye is closed and her face is shiny :) Ill also miss just sitting on her couch, eating and laughing and talking. Hopefully one day we will be close again... UCF reunion! Love you Sarah! Good luck on all your adventures! Enjoy the warm Florida sun for me!

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  1. You're alive! Also you have red hair? I miss you dear and I don't have your number. Also also I have two kids.