Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Miami Heat Repeat

Last year when we moved to Miami, the Miami Heat were in the middle of an awesome run to the championship. It was fun to jump on the Miami bandwagon and get excited about the hometown team. Since then, we have really enjoyed watching people hate the Heat and people love the Heat. This year we had some friends over to watch Game 7 of the Championship and we had a blast.

We had cupcakes, excessive amounts of snacks and really good times. Luckily, Miami won and the town went crazy. Within a few minutes, we could hear the cars honking and people screaming. The news showed Downtown Miami and people were going crazy so we decided to go downtown and be one of those crazies. There was lots of photo-bombing and high-fiving and just straight fun. I love the friends we have here in Miami and I am so glad we could make these memories. Oh and Go Heat! #threepeat

If you look closely you can see TONS of people


The ladies celebrating :)

Excuse our black eyes, but it was so fun to run into Mr. Frank downtown. Had to get a crazy pic with the large head

The whole gang

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