Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Young Women Activities

The summer has been so busy that I felt like I really didn't get to spend that much time with the girls. Luckily we got to celebrate the end of summer by doing two fun activities in one week! For mutual we went over to Key Biscayne and walked on the beach. We got to watch the sunset and get a little exercise in at the same time. It was really fun to get out with everyone!

That weekend we had our end of summer sleepover. The girls all came over to my house as well as the leaders Kim and Andrea. We missed you Marisabel! The girls decided that they wanted to go swimming that night so we got to hang out outside and enjoy a perfect summer night. When we came back in, some of the girls wanted to learn the "Cups" song. I learned it at camp when I was a teenager and so we got lots of practice in. I think some of the girls actually learned it! After, the girls watched "It", the 1980's Steven King movie. Apparently it wasnt as scary to them as it was to me when I was younger because the girls found it pretty funny. 

The next morning we all woke up a little late and made breakfast. We had pancakes and eggs and chowed down. After we went swimming and laid out. I think the girls had a really good time... I know I did! Sadly, we didn't get a group shot but I am so happy so many girls could come. We will miss Melanie and Alejandra as they move on to Relief Society. Love you girls! 

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