Thursday, September 19, 2013

Peterson/Estes Cruise: Day 6

Day 6 was our day in Grand Cayman. I had heard that Grand Cayman was beautiful, but it surpassed my expectations. The island was the most Americanized port we visited and had a great Caribbean feel to it. In Grand Cayman we planned to swim with the sting rays and then snorkel. We got to sleep in a little more at this port so we were ready to go when we got off the boat. We drove to our boat and then went out to the reef off the coast of the island about 30 minutes. We anchored the boat and then the guides got out the squid bait. Apparently these huge sting rays really like the small squid bait the guides bring and so they came out right when we got there. One of the guides held a sting ray for pictures and the rest of the rays just swam around us. The guides even gave us some squid to feed the rays, which they loved. They about attacked Derek a few time to get food.

Our jump shot

So crazy!

7 years of good luck for kissing a sting ray

Derek, the sting ray whisperer

After we swam with the rays, we went over to another reef close by and snorkeled. We took the rest of the squid and got to hold them out for the fish. The fish would just swarm to your hand and take bites from the squid. It was so cool! We also saw a bunch of coral, a conch shell with the conch still living in it and a lot of fish. 

We got back to the boat a little early so we hung out at the hot tub for a while and just admired the island. It really was beautiful. 

Day 6 was also our other formal night. We were really lucky that throughout the week we had great waiters who were hilarious. They did these dances each night and our waiter really got into it. He even did the whole Gangnam Style dance with glasses on... Caitlin got a hilarious video to prove it (which I can't figure out how to load). Another perfect day in the books. 

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