Monday, June 2, 2014

Isla's Baby Blessing

This weekend we had the chance the make a quick trip home to see beautiful baby Isla be blessed by her dad and family. It was such a beautiful blessing and day. It has been hard to be so busy and not see her and Sarah as much as we want but we are looking forward to seeing her more this summer. Isla looked adorable in her dress and didn't even make a peep during church. I got a ton of cuddles in but I can't wait to get more in a few weeks!

 So happy to be getting her blessing 

 And then she was asleep

 Some of Isla's pretty awesome family 

 Those little hands! 

 Isla loved her Uncle Derek

 We love this little girl!

 Get ready for lots of girls trips Isla! 

 Look at the way her hands are holding on to my arm.. It melted my heart!

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