Thursday, September 19, 2013

Peterson/Estes Cruise: Day 5

Day 5 took us to Honduras. We were actually on an island called Isla Roaton off the coast of Honduras. It is pretty much a jungle with some beaches a long the way. In Honduras we got to go zip lining, play with monkeys and then go to the beach. It was a busy day! If you know me at all, then you know I am a little hesitant about heights... like really hesitant. So I was scared that the zip lining wouldn't be fun because I was scared the whole time. But I was happy when I found it really fun and not nearly as scary as I thought. They guides hooked up secure at each line and they all went first. I think they did that just to make sure you saw it was safe. I really enjoyed it and only screamed like I was dying twice :)

At the port and ready to go

Hooked up for the zip line

One of the views from the zip line

After the zip line we got to go to another area of the facility where they had trained monkeys and native animals to show us. I am not going to lie, the monkeys were so cool! I was a little scared because they seemed to like my hair, but they were so cute! We also got to see some birds, deer, and some rodents. 

After we finished up with the animals, we headed over to a local beach where we got to relax, swim and nap on the beach. Another perfect day was in the books. 

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