Sunday, February 10, 2013

Mom's Birthday

Growing up, my mom hated her birthday. We always knew to stay clear when that time came around and be perfect angels so she could enjoy her birthday as much as possible. I think it had to do with getting older, but I have always just known she doesn't like it. The older I got, the more my mom seemed to enjoy her birthday. Since I have been away for the last 7 years, I haven't been able to celebrate with her. I know she said she didn't mind, but I also knew it would mean a lot if we were there this year. When Derek and I were planning at the beginning of the year, we realized he had a free weekend the weekend before mom's birthday and so we decided to surprise her. About a week before we were supposed to go up and surprise my mom, Vickie called us and told us Buffy and Chloe were going to be in Melbourne for the week. So we drove up to Melbourne on Friday and got to hang out with Buffy and Chloe for a day. Buffy and I shared YW ideas and we got to play with Chloe. It is so cute how much she loves her uncle Derek! She is so funny and perceptive... I have loved watching her grow up!

They are too cute together! 

After we surprised my mom during her birthday lunch at Five Guys. Her reaction was priceless! Then we went and did some cardboard boxing and kite flying. It was a great breezy day so we took advantage of the beautiful weather and time together.

Flying Kites

Showing Mom how it is done

Seester Time! The sun rays looked pretty cool too.

Man, I just love this kid!

While we were there we had to have like 5 photo shoots and take tons of pictures. We wanted to get a good picture of all of the girls so we had Derek take the picture. Luckily, Derek always takes tons of pictures when you hand him a camera because he caught this incredibly funny and candid moment between us. It really sums all of us up in a picture. 

Sarah is always fixing us up and mom and I are in another world laughing.

And the serious shot.

Afterward, we went and got Cantina Dos Amigos takeout and the boys watched some basketball. UM had a big win so Derek was a very happy camper. Sarah is incredibly talented and made a Betty Jean Jeopardy game. The teams were pretty unfair, Dad and Ryan vs Me and Derek, but we ended up making it a game. It was really fun to learn more about my mom and for her to share memories with us. 

Time went much too fast, but I am so glad we had the chance to go home and be with Mom on her birthday and see Buffy and Chloe. Being here in Florida is so awesome and I am so happy we are here and able to go home when we can. 

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  1. Sounds so fun. And that picture of Derek and your little niece is just adorable.