Friday, April 5, 2013

New Beginnings

So the first part of this year has been so busy! And unfortunately (or fortunately) it is only going to get busier! One of the big things to check off the list was New Beginnings. New Beginnings is an opportunity for the leaders of the young women in our congregation to remind the girls of the importance of the Personal Progress program and to welcome the new girls to the program. I started looking on Pinterest for ideas and kinda hit a road black. This year the theme for the youth is Stand in Holy Places. I love the theme! When I was a teenager I went to EFY (church camp) and this was the theme one year. I remember learning how to be an example of Christ to everyone around me and to make everywhere I am holy by being true to what I believe. We have talked a lot about the theme and since Girls Camp will be using this theme, I didn't want to over do it. Then I came across the blog of a friend I used to work with. (The address is She does amazing graphic images for Young Women lessons and activities. So I decided to use the New Beginnings ideas she posted and go with the theme "Bloom Where You Are Planted". I ended up loving this theme. It symbolizes that we can all become what we want, no matter where we are. Many of these Young Women come from less than ideal circumstances and I thought the message was the perfect message to them. So I ran with it! My counselors were so awesome and really brought the Spirit to the meeting. I think the girls loved it! And best of all, we had 11 girls there!! WHAT?! That is the best attendance we have had for anything in a long time :) Made me a happy camper!

The whole night was awesome. I really felt rejuvenated and I learned so much from the talks everyone gave. Sometimes I feel like I get more from our activities then the Young Women do! I love being able to serve these girls and I am so grateful Derek and I are in Miami.

 The whole crew together. Some of the cutest and sweetest girls!

 The table and decorations

 Each girl got a picture frame with a picture of the Salt Lake temple and the theme. I also found some cards at Michael's that said "Bloom where you are planted" (Thanks Buffy!) and used those to write the girls a little note. 

 The new beehives being introduced by their sisters.

 Yummy cupcakes!

My counselors! I love these ladies :)

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