Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Fall Fun

This fall has been so nice. We don't really have fall in Miami, it is just a break from the really really hot. Like it doesn't break 80 degrees until 10am kind of break. I miss the cool weather of fall and the feeling that things are changing, but I know I would only want hot weather if I had the cool weather. Despite the warm temperatures, we have had a lot of fun. We got to go home and celebrate my mother-in-law Vicki's birthday. We went out to dinner and had an awesome cake. It was fun to go home and celebrate the great mother she is.

The last few weeks has also consisted of lots of sports. Fall is the best time because you have football and then basketball! I can't wait for college basketball to start again. We had the chance to watch a UM game and a Heat game with some friends. The boys are not so photogenic so we only get pictures of girls… either that or they are too busy watching the game. I don't know which one it is :) 

Lastly, we had the chance to help with the trick-or-treat party at church. We set up a few rooms for the kids to come in and get some candy. It was kind of a mad rush, but we had a blast. Derek was a basketball player (Kentucky of course) and I was a pretty witch ;)

Now that Halloween is over I am fighting the urge to not jump into Christmas. If you have seen my Pinterest, you know I am failing. This is my favorite time of year so I can't wait to dive in and enjoy the Holiday Season! 

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