Thursday, January 3, 2013

Happy New Year!

2012 was quite the year! I still can't believe that this time last year we were just getting back from Miami and we were committing to moving here. I was managing the Retention Department at Vivint and was working crazy hours. Derek was finishing undergrad and enjoying his only "easy" semester of college. Our lives are so different now! While life is equally chaotic, it seems we have learned to enjoy the chaos a little more. I am so grateful for the amazing experiences we have had over the last year that have gotten us to this point. 2012 brought challenges but was the year that propelled us into a future both Derek and I are excited about. Here is a recap, by month, of our year.

Planned our move to Miami. Derek started his last semester at BYU and I told my job we were leaving.

We went to Derek's mission (Toronto, CA) with the Petersons

Signed a lease to move to Miami, started packing and saying goodbye to friends

Derek got Lasik, Derek graduated, we drove across the country and got to stay with friends and family in Tennessee and Georgia

We celebrated our 3 year anniversary, I turned 25 and we enjoyed a month of no rent while we stayed with my parents

We moved to Miami!

We visited South Carolina with the Estes and settled into our new apartment

Sarah and Ryan visited Miami, I finished working at Vivint, Derek started medical school

I started my new job at Acquinity, I got called as Young Women's president, Derek turned 25

Visited Pennsylvania with Mom, Sarah, Betsy and Aunt Nez

Had our first Florida Thanksgiving together, Hosted YW in Excellence

Derek finish his first semester of medical school, had a Humpherys Christmas and an Estes New Year

I probably missed a thousand things, but those were some of the big events of this year. Like I said it was a crazy year! I am excited for what 2013 has to offer! More posts to come about resolutions and goals :)

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  1. You guys had a great crazy year! We cant wait to see you this year!