Monday, May 26, 2014

The Fort Lauderdale Temple

In October 2009, President Monson announced there would be a Fort Lauderdale temple. At the time, I was newly married and living in Utah. I remember hearing about the temple, but at the time I never would have imagined I would be living in South Florida when the temple was completed. Last fall I was asked to be a part of the Cultural Celebration, the youth performance that occurs the night before the dedication of the temple. For the last 6 months, I worked with the creative committee to help develop the script for the celebration and plan the important performance. It was a lot of work, but absolutely worth it! I had many experience that proved to me that the Lord's temple is a sacred place and miracles will happen in order to bring the temple to an area. I also had the chance to work as a tour guide at the Open House for the temple. Walking through the temple and learning about the importance of each room solidified my testimony of the work that happens in these buildings. I am so excited to have the temple here in South Florida! It really has been a blessing to be a part of 
bringing another temple to Florida! 

 The youth worked so hard and it paid off! 

President Uchtdorf came for the temple dedication and cultural celebration. He was so kind to stop and talk with everyone. The members were all beyond excited to meet him and shake his hand (me included!!)

To watch the Cultural Celebration (it's worth the watch I promise!) just click HERE

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