Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Girls Camp 2013

One of the most exciting parts of being called as young women's president was the opportunity to go to Girls Camp! I LOVED camp as a girl and have such amazing memories from those times. Turns out camp is a piece of cake a lot of work but totally worth it. We had an incredibly successful fundraiser which allowed us to have some fun with the food and gifts. 

I couldn't come up until Tuesday night, but I dropped the girls off on Monday morning at the stake center. Unfortunately my car broke down on my way to work. Luckily it was just the battery and alternator which were a fast fix and didn't keep me from going up to Orlando the next day. 

The girls all had such a blast! We really got to bond and hang out. I learned a lot of Spanish over the week and I was surprised how much I could understand when I had to. Both the ward camp director and the other parent who came with us only spoke Spanish so we all learned pretty fast how to communicate. 

Some of the highlights of the week: Being mistaken for a teenager most of the time, laughing a lot, being in nature, reading the scriptures, watching testimonies grow, being cold, lots of selfies, crafts and yummy, yummy food! 

The girls made "exploding boxes" as their craft

The city girls really enjoyed nature and took lots of pictures of all of the beautiful sites!

The ward camp director was great and cooked for us the whole time. She made amazing Latin food that everyone envied! Hermana Solis cooked the big meal for the whole camp and everyone was so impressed. I think I gained 10 pounds that week :) 

 I even got to try balliadas which were AMAZING! I have a renewed desire to learn how to cook better and learn some of the recipes from the people in our ward. 

The girls really enjoyed the obstacle course at the camp site. A few of the girls even tried to rope walk, which resulted in one of the girls falling in the water! Chelsea handled it like a champ though and proudly swam to the other side. 

One of the fun parts of the camp was the performances. The girls did a great job performing and got the reputation of being just a little ghetto for their perfectly rapped rendition of "Glamorous" by Fergie and Melanie's beat boxing during the performance.

The theme was "Stand in Holy Places". I think all of the girls learned how to have peace and make good choices, no matter where they are. Camp was a great spiritual stimulus for the girls. 

On the last day they had a ceremony recognizing all of the girls and the hard work the girls put into camp. They did great! 

Most importantly, the girls had fun! The girls are so fun-loving and crazy! I couldn't have asked for a better break from work and life then spending the week with these awesome girls! 

So for my own selfish reasons, one of the best nights of camp was the night my Mom came out and visited me and the girls. All growing up, my Mom worked with the youth at church. When I plan activities and prepare for anything with the girls, I think about what my Mom would do. She is such an inspiration to me of how to be a great mother and friend. The week was emotionally and spiritually uplifting, but it all made perfect by having my Mom there! The girls LOVED her and all called her Grandma (which she loved). 

It was a great week at Girls Camp. I have SOOO many ideas for next year and I already have a huge list! But in the end, what matters is that the girls had a great time. I am so glad we have this program that allows us to learn as grow as Children of God. Love you girls and cant wait for next year! 

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