Friday, April 26, 2013

Getting Excited!

I love to read. Ever since I can remember I have loved books and I read often. I had phases in college and in high school where I read a lot less then I would have liked, but I pretty much always have a book I am in the middle of. Having worked at Barnes and Noble, my book collection is pretty extensive and one of the possessions I love the most! Of all the books I have read, I have a few books that I treasure, one of which is The Great Gatsby. I read it in middle school or high school and I think it was the first book that I read where I could see that the author was saying something more than just the words on the page. The imagery in Fitzgerald's writing made Gatsby and Daisy's world come to life for me. I have read the story many times, and now it will be a movie! With Leo no less! The icing on this delicious cupcake is that the movie opens the weekend before my birthday... YEAH YEAH YEAH! One of the great things about this story is the mystery behind who Gatsby is. Since the book is told from a third person perspective, Fitzgerald can keep Gatsby hidden and elusive. I hope that remains in the movie. If you love music, the album also looks like it will be a winner with songs from Jay-Z, Lana Del Ray, Florence and the Machine, Beyonce, etc. Here are some stills from the movie and the preview. Can't wait for May 10th!

 The set design, costumes look amazing

Oh Leo. My heart always goes on for you :)

Daisy and Gatsby; A truly dysfunctional relationship 

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