Saturday, May 18, 2013

April Staycation

This year Derek spent his Spring Break in Nicaragua with UM med school students. He had the chance to work in clinics around the capital and learn more about practicing medicine. He had some amazing experiences and, because he is a guy, he didn't take any pictures, so I can't add any here. I am rounding up pictures from other people, but I am glad he had the opportunity to go and serve. He also made some great friends that I hope we keep for years to come. We are so lucky to have the opportunity to be in medical school and I am glad he has the chance to do things like this.

When Derek came back, I planned a weekend "stay-cation" surprise. I made him a little vacation pamphlet to let him know the agenda for the weekend. On Friday night we went to dinner at Novacento, a great Argentinean restaurant. We had papusas and all kinds of yummy food (see below for proof).

On Saturday we went to the Miami Zoo. I have been wanting to go because I heard the animals were amazing, and it lived up to all that I have heard! It was such a fun day! My favorite parts were the Asian elephants and watching the lions be fed.

Saturday night we had dinner with a family from our ward. We made tacos and got to know each other better. It is amazing the lives they have had and I really enjoyed being with them. It was a little hard because they only speak Spanish, but I tried my best to keep up and Derek translated the rest. Slowly but surly I will learn this language! 

Sunday Derek and I laid out by the pool and listened to conference talks. I love conference weekend, and even though we didn't listen to the whole conference that weekend, it is always amazing to hear the words of our living prophets. 

It really was a perfect weekend together. I couldn't be more grateful to be Derek's wife and I try to treasure these fun weekends together! 

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