Saturday, May 18, 2013

Mother's Day

About 2 weeks before Mother's Day my mom called me on my way home from work. She told me that she was talking with her friends at work and they asked her what she wanted to do for Mother's Day... and she said she wanted to come to Miami and take a little vaca. So her friends told her to do it! She called me and asked me if Derek and I would like to host them for the weekend. Of course we said yes, and so we got to spend Mother's Day this year with my Mom and Dad here in Miami. It was exactly what I needed; lots of food, sun and relaxation. Mom and Dad came Friday after work and we went to dinner at La Moon, a Columbian restaurant by our house. It was a feast and the perfect way to start the weekend. 

Saturday we went to the farmer's market by our house for the first time. We got a ton of fresh fruit and some homemade ceviche. Mom showed me how to pick mangos and pineapple while we were there.

 Mom's instructional finger even got in a shot :)

After we went over to Key Biscayne and got papusas at Patagonia. One of my friends introduced me to that restaurant last summer and somehow I had never taken Derek. He loved it and so did my parents. Next we went to Miami Beach and rented bikes. We rode around the beach and took in all the crazy people and art deco architecture. It was perfect weather for a day on the beach and I am so glad we had the chance to enjoy the beautiful city we live in. 

 This picture made me laugh. Dad finally found soccer at dinner and was a very happy camper :)

 On Mother's Day we attended church at our ward. The young women were so happy to see Mom again and I think Dad and Mom both enjoyed meeting the great friends we have made at church. I thought it was funny that everyone at church kept telling me I look like my Dad. I hope I have inherited his great genes and look as young as he does! After church we took some pictures in our lobby since we forgot to at church.

 Love my parents!

 My Mommy is the best!

My cute hubby :)

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