Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Far Too Attached to TV

It's not a secret I am far too attached to TV shows. One of my favorite shows is The Office. Even though the last few seasons have been hit and miss, I just love the show and the characters. Derek and I watch this show together, so sometimes we fall behind on episodes, but we always catch up on our favorite Scranton residents when we have free time. We watched the first half of the season over Christmas and have tried to stay caught up since then. I have kind of hated all the tension with Pam and Jim this season, but I like that the writers have kept their relationship so real and believable. The last episode we watched, Jim and Pam hugged it out at the end of the episode (which may have left me in tears) and it was epic and perfect. Apparently this week is Part 1 of the finale and these last episodes are longer. YEAH!!

This week Jimmy Fallon (another one of my fav. shows on TV) had Jim and Pam on the show! I may have teared up a little watching the interview with Jenna Fisher as she talked about the amazing chemistry between her and John Krasinski. Of course the internet quickly giffed the interview and now we have awesome reminders of her classic comments (see below).

Is it wrong that I choose to believe they are married in real life? 

When John Krasinski was on he challenged Jimmy to a lip sync battle. I stupidly watched this video while I was at my desk at work and was crying from laughing so hard. Take a few minutes to watch the video and let it brighten your day!

I can't wait to see who comes back in the finale episodes and how they end my favorite comedy. Let's pray this isn't a Seinfeld finale, but more like a Friends finale!

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