Sunday, May 19, 2013

Vampire Diaries Party

Ok I'll say it, I like Vampire Diaries... a lot. In the end it comes down to the fact that I am a hopeless romantic and have an unhealthy appetite for soap opera inspired shows (Revenge, Vampire Diaries, Nashville, etc, etc). When I found out the season finale would be the week of my birthday, I decided to throw a finale party with a few of my friends from church who are also avid fans. I had a blast planning the party and trolling Pinterest for ideas. The party was a total success and the finale episode was a crazy ride! I can't believe we have to wait until October for more episodes! Guess we will just have to re-watch this season in our free time :)

 The table with the decorations

In the episode the characters graduated so I got a few graduation glasses and necklaces (Dollar Store)

 I made the fans out of card stock and printed the labels from Google images

 Everyone had a bottle of hot tamales to take home, telling us which team they are on. You can find these printable labels here.

 The cupcake toppers are from the same site. I used gel icing to make bite marks and red velvet cupcake batter.  

You can find the vervain print here. I thought it was a really fun touch :) 

 I found the bottle wraps for the drinks here as well as the "thirsty" print. I think that was one of my favorite touches! 

Of course Marisabel is Team Stefan and Melanie is Team Damon (the right team)

We had a blast together! I am so grateful for these girls as friends and I am so glad we could have a fun night together! Until October.... 


  1. wow. very impressed with the decor... you are way more creative then derek.

  2. You are seriously the coolest. And we share the same obsessions bc I LOVE Revenge, Vampire Diaries and I just barely watched the entire first season of Nashville in like 2 days hahaha.

  3. Haha Brian thanks! I'll make sure to remind Derek of that :)
    Cindy, I think we are TV soul sisters! Love it!